The Double Slit Experiment

A Quantum Mystery in our understanding of nature, at the atomic scale

The double slit experiment is a simple test performed on single atoms. Whereby photons are shot between two slits, under a few different circumstances, with intriguing results

Crucially the outcome of the double slit experiment, present us with paradoxical results. Implying conclusions that are at odds with how we would expect matter to behave at larger scales.

As depending upon the whether or not we observe which slit the particle passes through, sometimes the atoms exhibit behavior typical of a wave, yet sometimes typical of a particle.

All dependent upon who is watching

When shooting single atoms, one at a time, through the two slits, each time the position the atom hits a screen is marked. This is then repeated over and over again, with the outcome exhibiting a classic interference pattern.

Double slit experiment interference pattern gif

This implyies that the atom has no fixed location, like say a tennis ball or any large scale macro object. Instead, it appears to somehow pass through both slits simultaneously, creating a classicinterference pattern solely with itself. Passing like a cloud through both slits before finally making a singular mark on the screen.

A logic highly at odds with how we would expect matter to behave at our everyday scale

Yet, if we place a detector by the slits, in order to measure which slit it passes through, the exotic behaviour simply disappears.

We are instead left with two highly concentrated areas on the screens. With the data in correspondence with the detector measuring the slit the particle passed through. Whereby now it clearly observes, that the photon passes through one slit or the other.

No longer exhibiting a quantum superposition, but behaving like we would expect matter to at our ordinary scale.

Why does does observing or unoberving have this effect?



This true mystery of how we understand the workings of our universe, inspired the creation of this elegant design. Explicitly referencing the dual nature of matter; both wave and particle, on each side of the garment.

The results of double slit experiment often lead to many outlandish deductions.

With manyimporting the implications, on to how the universe on a macro scale and any area without supporting evidence.

However, the results highlight that nature is often far more mysterious than our imagination could have predicted.

With many facinating new fields sure to be built on better understanding the quantum world. From quantum biology to quantum compluting. Better understanding this simple experiment could revolutionise many areas of enquiry

At I+O we look forward to these discoveries