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From algorithms producing emergent patterns, to quantum wave forms or simple elementary geometry; at I+O we seek to combine the beauty of big ideas with timeless, minimal design. 

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What is I+O?

Ideas   •   Aesthetics   •   Connections

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At I+O we are gripped by the power of ideas

We are living through an information revolution

We wholeheartedly believe in the power of the internet, as an infinite doorway to unimaginable possibility. Through the simplest of processes, ones and zeros, electrical flows and non-flows systematically combined, we are able to encode previously unimaginable amounts of information; enabling us to form networks, build digital ecosystems, collaborate and connect in astounding ways.

 Embrace complexity

We seek to look beyond the simple narratives we often hear, to instead embrace a complex, dynamic, ever evolving world that we can see through many lenses.

Fusing elegant design with philosophical ideas

In all we do we seek to fuse timeless ideas with elegant, minimal design. Subtly imbuing objects with profound concepts, giving them an enduring visual appeal that resonates with us somewhere deep down. All we make is in accordance with our ethos of human dignity and ecological sustainability.


Join us on our journey