Our Vision

Ideas • Aesthetics • Connections

Exploring big ideas from our information age & fusing them with minimal, elegant design

All is One • Each is Other


At I+O we seek to fuse timeless ideas with elegant design. Subtly imbuing objects with striking concepts, giving them an aesthetic appeal that resonates with us deep down. Additionally, all we make is in done so with our ethic of human dignity and ecological sustainability. At I+O we are gripped by the power of ideas to shape, transform and inform our view of the world.


Fusing profound, philosophically interesting ideas within minimal design


We wholeheartedly believe in the power of the internet, as an infinite doorway to unimaginable possibility. Through the simplest of processes, Ones and Zeros, electrical flows and non-flows systematically combined, we are able to encode previously unimaginable amounts of information, to form networks, to build digital ecosystems, collaborate and connect in profound ways.


Embrace complexity


We seek to look beyond naive caricatures and absolute positions, instead of facing a complex, dynamic, ever evolving world that can be seen through many, equally valid lenses.


Utilize the information revolution


Join us on our journey