Double Slit Experiment Hoodie

Double Slit Experiment Hoodie


The Mystery of the double slit experiment elegantly captured on this beautiful hoodie.

Taking direct inspiration from science, in particular, quantum physics to produce the elegant wave interference pattern on the front of the garment. Whilst also having the particle pattern produced in the double slit experiment on the back of the sweatshirt.

All lovingly screen printed onto a 100% organic cotton, Earth Positive, environmentally friendly hoodie. With a luxuriously soft texture.

Beautifully capturing the dual nature of atoms, exhibiting both wave and particle-like behaviour.

All dependent on whether or not it is being observed.

A fundamental mystery of modern science to be better understood.

Read more about the Double Slit Experiment here


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The design is lovingly screen printed onto a luxuriously soft, 100% organic, cotton Hoodie.

Additionally, this garment is part of both the EarthPositive® and Fair Wear Foundation. This is to ensure that we bring about positive ripples in our social and environmental ecosystem as much as possible.

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