Expanding Polygon Plotted Print

Expanding Polygon Plotted Print

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This minimal geometric design takes inspiration from timeless mathematical relationships. Drawing on eternal truths and the relations of elementary shapes to one another, timeless and eternal. Emanating from the simplest of processes; the progression of the shapes from a triangle, to a square, ... all sharing one side. Forever chasing the limit of the ideal circle, moving out from the finitude of a triangle, towards the infinity held within a circle ∞

The design is precisely plotted with an ink-based pen onto 220GSM, sturdy card. This gives the finished product a wonderful analogue feel, only made possible through the genuine mechanical process involved in its production. Please see the photos attached to see how this is artwork is created, as it is done with a beautiful meeting of digital design and analogue production. As a result, each individual print is unique and may include minor quirks from the interaction of the pen onto the paper 

This print is the perfect gift for any stylish household with its touch of Scandinavian elegance and timeless simplicity. As well as being the ideal gift for any math lover, math teacher, geek, or someone with an appreciation of classic geometric forms often referred to as 'sacred geometry'.

Available in a selection of both black and white card as well as 4 colour inks, choose the one that works perfectly for you. Simply choose from one of the drop-down options for ink colour and size. Or refer to our other listing for the reverse paper colour.

All A4 prints are prepared onto backing card inside a protective sleeve, then packaged in a hard backed a4 envelope. While all a3 prints are shipped inside of a heavy duty postal tube for their safe arrival to you.

If you have any queries then get in touch.

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