Hilbert Curve | Navy Mens T-shirt

Hilbert Curve | Navy Mens T-shirt


This labyrinth-like, geometric t-shirt features an elegant pattern originating from riffing on the classic Hilbert curve form. Iterations of the Hilbert curve layered one on top of the next, culminating in a beautiful example of fractal form alluding to infinity.

The intricate, vibrant white print contrasts crisply set against the organic cotton navy t-shirt.

This versatile, minimalist garment is the perfect gift for any math lover, math teacher, or someone with an appreciation of eternal geometric forms. With elegant understated and simplicity as well as alluding to rich ideas, making this garment a perfect for many occasions.

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The design is lovingly screen printed on to a luxuriously soft, 100% organic, combed cotton t-shirt.

Additionally, this garment is part of both the EarthPositive® and Fair Wear Foundation. This is to ensure that we bring about positive ripples in our social and environmental ecosystem as much as possible.

More information can be found through the following links:

  • http://www.earthpositive.se/about.html
  • http://www.fairwear.org/22/about/

The specifications of the sizing, are as follows: