Koch Snowflake | Speckled Grey

Koch Snowflake | Speckled Grey


Triangles, upon triangles, upon triangles...

A classic fractal form, stylishly showcasing the beauty that can emerge from the simplest of iterative processes.

This design is a riff on the classic Koch Snowflake fractal, embodying an archetypal fractal pattern, nesting shapes elegantly within each other

Moving from the finite to the infinite ∞

A vibrant, striking garment fit for any wardrobe

Taking inspiration from the fundamentals of Math, Geometry and the relations of simple shapes, to produce this classic minimal aesthetic.

A perfect gift for any lover of math, science, or geometry. Offering an elegant and stylish piece streetwear whilst still alluding to rich philosophical ideas.

The artwork of this design was produced in collaboration with the immensely talented Devan Matthews. With more information on her work available on either her website or twitter

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The design is lovingly screen printed onto a luxuriously soft, 100% organic, combed cotton t-shirt.

Additionally, this garment is part of both the EarthPositive® and Fair Wear Foundation. This is to ensure that we bring about positive ripples, in our social and environmental ecosystem, as much as possible.

More information can be found through the following links:

  • http://www.earthpositive.se/about.html
  • http://www.fairwear.org/22/about/

The specifications of the sizing, are as follows: