Higher Vibration Embroidery | Denim Sweatshirt

Higher Vibration Embroidery | Denim Sweatshirt


An intricate series of increasing frequencies, precisely embroidered on an organic cotton sweatshirt.

Featuring complex harmonic motion that moves from a simple ellipse, towards loops of ever greater complexity.

This Lissajous series is subtle and elegant patterns yet speaks to complex processes shaping our world.

The design is lovingly embroidered on to a 100% organic cotton Sweatshirt.

Cut to a medium, structured fit, that breaks down across the sizes as attached.   

Additionally, this garment is part of both the Global Organic Content Standard and Fair Wear Foundation. This is to ensure that we bring about positive ripples in our social and environmental ecosystem as much as possible.

More information can be found through the following links:

  • http://www.global-standard.org/

  • http://www.fairwear.org/22/about/

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